For Exhibition Design Lab in 2008, we’ve been reached by Eyal Fried who gave an instant workshop to the students. It was about minimal but effective and (possibly) radical intervention in the urban space.Here the Youtube channel for the students outputs


Camera, clock, your body, your brain.

Instruction on the field:

1. immediately following the brief in class, you will have exactly one hour to find a location for your intervention.

2. On location, identify the exact space, area you want to focus on and perform your intervention in.

3. at 12:53 EXACTLY (we will coordinate our watches as part of the brief), you will document this space fro EXACTLY 30 seconds, using the stop-motion technique, one image (one “click” if you like) every 2 seconds. this is important also because in the post-production part of our project, you will define 2-seconds frames in Premier (or any other software for video editing).

4. at 12:59, EXACTLY 6 minutes after your documentation of the space in pre-intervention phase, you will document your intervention, again for EXACTLY 30 seconds. this will complete your activity on the field. you will be asked to prove the authenticity of time of intervention.


One 30 second stop motion video documenting the location + one 30 second stop motion video documenting the intervention to be posted on you tube + one post + meaningfull title and subtitle to be done by next Wednesday.


Eyal Fried and Daniele Mancini